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What is my IP Address?

In life, you have a physical presence; you leave traces of yourself everywhere you go, whether it’s through interacting with people or even something so simple as fingerprints. Online? You have a presence as well, and a large part of that presence is your IP address.

An IP address, or Internet Protocol address, is a number chain that is assigned to every computer that the computer then uses when it accesses the internet. Online, your presence is detected by websites not through you as an individual, but rather the computer with which you are using the internet.

IP addresses allow websites to send information to you over the web, so without them accessing the internet would be impossible. There is no one online without an IP address, as they are our primary identifying tool and serve as both a connector between networks and hosts, as well as location identifiers.

But just as we take strides to protect our privacy and personal information in the physical realm, so too do we need to be cautious about knowing who can see our IP address, what they can do with that information, and what steps can be taken to prevent malicious, invasive, or even suppressive actions based on your IP address.